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Royal Standards at Affordable Prices

We are THE premium house cleaning service in Greater Boston Area offering residential cleaning services and exclusive features like Recycling Program, Compost Program and Closet Management Program

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Our Services and Programs

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Residential Cleaning Services

We offer the following premium house cleaning services for the Greater Boston Area: Residential House Cleaning, Move In/Move Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning

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Recycling Program

With the Recycling Program we have two things in mind: helping our customers to recycle more and easier at the same time as helping the environment as much as we can. We will supply you with bins or use your own and pick up the recyclable materials at each cleaning visit. Pleask ask about our Recycling Program!

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Compost Program

Complementing the Recycling Program, our Compost Program targets all biodegradable items such as food and organic materials. We will supply you with bins or use your own and pick up the compostable materials at each cleaning visit. Please ask about our Compost Program!

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Home & Closet Organization Program

We are very good at cleaning and organizing, so what better way to improve your experience with Flying Prince than regaining control of any space in your house? The program does exactly what its name says: organizes your house or just a particular room. Or just your closet. Please ask about our Home & Closet Organization Program!

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